On rocks and other musings

I went for a walk and realized I had all these rocks rolling around in my head (ahahahha) and if I don’t get them out on the table to look at, they’ll become boulders and I won’t be able to cook supper tonight or enjoy Sabbath tomorrow for the mass of them filling up space.

This is just a selection; if I wrote all that was in there, I would not have time to cook supper tonight. Although I might enjoy even more Sabbath tomorrow. Hm.

What is it that you declare is right, o Man?
And on what do you insist, o Woman?
Is the LORD’s way really your way?
Are your thoughts really God’s thoughts?
Are you sure?

“In my time, in my place, this is what the LORD requires of me.”

“This is the way; come, let us walk in it.”

There is a time when the battle is at hand,
And people flee to the mountains, to the caves,
Not so much for safety as for respite.
But don’t get complacent and don’t fall asleep
Because there is tremendous work to be done everywhere
And who knows what kind of warfare went on before the stone was rolled away?

And there are people on the battlefield, out in the open, down on the plain,
Banner flying, lips smiling,
A song of victory on their lips,
A tidal wave of joy flooding their hearts,
Exulting, “Yes, he has done it!”

Yes, he has done it.

What does it mean?

Are you sure?


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